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Posted by: Javonni Brustow Category: News Comments: 0 Post Date: June 13, 2019

Wendy Williams’ Ex Says She was too Lazy to Give a Damn About their Marriage

Photo Credit: WireImage

Wendy Williams has been stepping out lately with a new man and understandably so given what she’s going through with her recent divorce. Even her ex Kevin Hunter understands that. But what he doesn’t understand is why she’s out telling lies about their marriage, like her saying that he kept her pent up at home like a show pony, sources close to the couple have stated. “She was too lazy to give a damn,” a source says about Wendy in the relationship. “Wendy orchestrated her schedule and chose, primarily, to do her talk show and go home.”

And as her career is concerned, the source also stated that she had a very hands off approach to things and allowed him to make most of the decisions for 22 years. Now while that might have been said as a means to throw jabs at Wendy, that is, after all, the role of a manager, to handle everything for the talent, being Wendy, so we’re not sure what the negative about that was supposed to be. And if you’re wondering why there aren’t many red carpet photos of the two together, that could also be laid at the feet of Wendy who also was said to be too busy or lazy, however you choose to look at it, to be bothered with such appearances.

And as we stated earlier, if Wendy wants to date a young man the same way Kevin was with a woman decades younger than him, he gets it. What he doesn’t appreciate is saying that not only was she a show pony, which isn’t true, but going around saying he was with her for 15 years before having a full baby as she told TMZ Sunday when he only met her in 2008. That’s understandable although opening your mouth and saying you were cheating only for 11 years instead of 15 still makes you look like a douche nozzle. If we were him, we’d just keep that one to ourselves and take that L in silence. Sunday night Wendy told TMZ that they’ll be seeing her, her ex Kevin and their son Kevin Jr. out together since he has to graduate college and is in his sophomore year but with words like the ones they’re exchanging now, she’s going to need every bit of those 2 or 3 more years just to get on cordial terms with her ex because as of this moment, this isn’t it.

Meanwhile, sources close to the host say Wendy’s antics parading around with a younger man in public is “part of a campaign to make Kevin jealous and to garner sympathy from the public.” They went on to say she’s been “asking around to some people” for suggestions of guys from “the street.” This is clearly going to be one long divorce.

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