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Posted by: Javonni Brustow Category: Film & TV Comments: 0 Post Date: March 7, 2019

Tamar Braxton Talks About Her New Show + Gaining 20 lbs on Celebrity Big Brother

Photo Credit: Wendy Williams Show

Tamar Braxton won this last season of Celebrty Big Brother and even if she didn’t, it was clear she was the biggest personality in the house. And that alone is always a good thing because now that the show is over, on top of the $25,000 of prize money she has, she’s got a spin off shoe on WEtv coming soon. Was this in the works already? That isn’t clear, but her exposure on Celebrity Big Brother certainly was a boost.

She sat down with Wendy Williams to catch up this week . She talked about her prize money saying “I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it yet. Me and Logan are still looking for a house,” Braxton said, referring to her 5 year old son. “Everyone knows that me and Vincent are estranged, and you know it is what it is. We’re starting over,” she said, speaking of her husband Vincent Herbert who she’s been in the process of divorcing for what seems to be forever. “In LA, just period it takes forever,” referencing all the paperwork involved there.

Her divorce might not be finalized but it hasn’t stopped her from dating. She’s been seeing an African lately that she calls T’Challa. “He doesn’t jump in front of the camera, he has no desire to be. He’s in finance and not mine honey,” she said. “I don’t know,” Tamar said when Wendy asked if she would reconsider getting married again. “I would love to have more kids, but I have a fertility thing. I don’t know I just have to leave it up to God. Whatever his purpose is,” she said.

But whether it’s her appearing on Celebrity Big Brother, dealing with her divorce, music, etc., she’s always managed to juggle it all and manage to be an intriguing personality to watch at all times. “God has opened so many doors and made so many ways, because really to be honest, I wasn’t supposed to be here. I was supped to be gone after those blood clots,” referencing her time in the hospital in 2017. And one of those ebbs and flows would be the 20 pound she says she gained while on Celebrity Big Brother.

“It’s like jail. You get pad to go to jai. That’s what it is,” she told Wendy. “tey give you what you want to eat, what they want you to eat.” Wendy asked “Did you gain weight?” And she confirmed, “about 20 pounds. I’m still trying to lose it.” She also said she was there during her birthday month and “You know I take my birthday very seriously.” That’s fine. It’s a stressful show and she earned every pound. That plus the pressure of becoming the first black person to win Big Brother in America takes it’s toll, we’d imagine.

As for this new show of hers, she didn’t spill too many details but she did mention Herbert being on ther. “Vince will make certain appearances because he is in my life,” Braxton told Williams. “Here’s the thing: Vince and I are not enemies, you know what I mean? We co-parent really, really well. We’re not enemies, so there’s not a lot of fighting going on.” But for now, you can catch her on the new season of Braxton Family Values on WEtv April 4th.

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