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Posted by: Javonni Brustow Category: News Comments: 0 Post Date: May 25, 2019

Rapper Sosamann was Arrested for Human Trafficking

Photo Credit: Sosamann/Instagram

Rapper Sosamann was recently discovered to have been engaging women in human trafficking, holding them against their will. Two young women were arrested in a prostitute sting in L.A. earlier this month, who in turned told on him saying they were lured to L.A. with the promise of living the Hollywood dream, only to find themselves turning tricks and unable to leave the house or visit family without permission. Upon investigation, a group of people were arrested for human trafficking including rapper Sosamann. The arrest occurred on May 11th and he was released the next day after posting $100,000 bond. His next court date is some time in June.

For those unfamiliar with Sosamann, he recently appeared on the NBA Youngboy track Who I Am. And he wouldn’t be the only rapper engaging in human trafficking. You have those like Snoop Dogg who’s openly discussed it in his music, Toronto rapper K Money, earlier this year who was handed criminal charges for human trafficking and just this week a Houston rapper Sauce Lean was convicted of child sex trafficking. Los Angeles is one of the top human trafficking locations in the world and these cases are a lot more common than people would be comfortable in knowing. We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for justice to be served in this case.

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