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Posted by: Javonni Brustow Category: News Comments: 0 Post Date: August 11, 2019

Rapper Blueface Says He Slept with 1,000 Women in the Last 6 Months

Photo Credit: Big Boy

It’s been some months now that rapper Blueface has been in the mainstream since the release of his song Thotiana and he says it’s paid off well in the bedroom. He told radio host Big Boy this week that he’s slept with 1,000 women over the last 6 months. Yes, you heard that correctly. And he did that while having two girlfriends at home. He’s revealed that one is his baby mother and the other his girlfriend so when they found out about each other they agreed to have a threeway relationship. That part is a new revelation because he just introduced the two to the world just a month or so ago. If you think that the drama of him kicking his sister and mother out of the house was something, wait til these two women start going at it with each other because it’s bound to happen. It’s one thing to pick two women to be in a relationship with but for it to start off as two women equally being cheated on, it’s a wonder one hasn’t tried to slit the other’s throat in their sleep, shove the pregnant one down the steps or trash the other’s makeup. Anyway, we hope not.

In an interesting turn of events, regarding him kicking his mother and sister out, Birdman congratulated him on the move saying he did the right thing. This is from a man who had Lil Wayne’s career held up for years over contractual issues and is still questionably tied to his tour bus being shot up so… life decisions from him should be taken with a grain of salt. We still love Birdman though. He’s an industry heavy hitter but given his treatment of those close to him, you have to think twice before taking his personal advice.

Now as for his claim of sleeping with 1,000 women in 6 months, Vice News took it upon themselves to investigate this claim and said it was mathematically impossible. He said “It’s like sometimes it might be a threesome, it might be a foursome. I done had a fivesome.” We’re just going to leave you with the math equation they sat and thought out for this and let you be the judge.

“Alternately, on any given day, he could have one foursome and a threesome (3 women + 2 women = 5); two threesomes and a one-on-one session (2 women + 2 women + 1 woman = 5); one threesome and three one-on-one sessions (2 women + 1 woman + 1 woman + 1 woman = 5); or five one-on-one sessions (you understand this math).” Now that came from Vice News and that’s only one of the equations they thought out. We recommend medication for the person who felt this was needed. He also has a song where he said he has two d*cks. Does that need investigation as well? Oh, nevermind. They actually address that as well.

Whatever the case is, if he’s getting it in like that, he at least deserves a condom or nightlife endorsement because that’s a lot of work to be putting in for free. He should at least get something for his troubles.

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