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Posted by: Javonni Brustow Category: News Comments: 0 Post Date: July 15, 2019

R Kelly’s Girlfriends/Sex Slaves Reveal They’ve Not been Evicted from His Condo

Photo Credit: TMZ; R Kelly/Instagram

R Kelly was arrested last week on 13 counts of sex crimes, obstruction of justice leaving many to wonder what was to become of his girlfriends or sex slaves, depending on who you choose to believe, Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary. Reports were made over the weekend that they had been evicted from Kelly’s Chicago Trump Tower condo. Well they both just appeared in a video taken from Kelly’s actual Trump Tower condo to let everyone know that the reports were #FakeNews.

In the video, Clary did most of the talking thanking all of the fans for their love, support and prayers, reminding them that they can’t believe everything they hear. As for the quiet and demure Savage sitting next to her, she spoke up to confirm that her parents knew where she is. Clary went on to state that they come and go as they please without anyone saying anything to them and that they’re doing fine.

While this video might put the concerns of some to rest, it will simply confirm the brainwashing assertions many have of these two under the oppressive arm of the R&B star. A press conference was done last week following Kelly’s arrest by his spokesperson Darrell Johnson where he was repeatedly interrupted by Savage’s father demanding to know where his child is. During a CNN interview later in the day, he stated that in the past he set up a phone conversation with their daughter but beyond that he doesn’t work for either of his girlfriends and they’re adults, able to choose what type of relationship they want to be in romantically or with their parents.

Moving forward, Kelly has a court date tomorrow for a judge to discuss his separate indictments coming out of New York and Chicago as it was postponed from today to cover both. We will be covering this as new details arise.

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