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Posted by: popglitz Category: Eye Candy Comments: 0 Post Date: January 3, 2014

Morning Eye Candy: Rapper Ace Hood

Tonight’s eye candy is rapper Ace Hood. His first major performance was the 2011 BET Awards and for many who didn’t know any better thought it was rapper Lil Wayne, just less skinny. The irony was that Wayne had just finished an 8 month prison sentence so it very well could have been him after hitting the weights while in the slammer. We would say Ace Hood as what Lil Wayne is supposed to look like, sober and more of an actual rapper. Ace has made it a point to distinguish himself from his predecessor Lil Wayne by taking on a hardcore gym routine, keeping the world up to date via his Instagram account.

Ace Hood just recently joined the line of rappers to do a remix to Nicki Minaj‘s song Chi-Raq, about the spiraling out of control violence in the streets of Chicago. You can listen to his remix below.

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