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Posted by: Javonni Brustow Category: Music Comments: 0 Post Date: February 11, 2019

Mariah Carey Says She Doesn’t Give a D*mn About the Grammys

Photo Credit: FilmMagic for HBO

Mariah Carey may not have been mentioned during last night’s Grammys but by no means should anyone feel bad for her. She’s not all that fond of the Grammys herself. Last year she told V Magazine about the Grammy Awards, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

“In the music business, if you care about the Grammys and submitting your stuff before a certain time frame, you want a single out in the summer, and then you want to have your record [out] before the Grammys deadline, which has changed.”

“I mean, I have five Grammys. That’s cute. There’s people that have been doing this half the time that have twice as many,” she continued. “I won two Grammys the first year I started, but after that, [the Grammys] are like, ‘We don’t go with the people that are selling a lot of records and are popular; we’re gonna go the opposite way.’ So I got screwed out of certain years. I wasn’t bitter about it. I was just like, ‘Okay, well, I guess I’m not standing here barefoot onstage singing and trying to go a certain way.’ I’m just me.”

She speaks about her more feminist turn on her music alluding to the fact that it does hamper her ability to be recognized as a songwriter or possibly in gaining respect at the Grammys.

“They see this diva: They see hair, makeup, bod, clothes, whatever it is — and hand gestures — and they’re like, Oh,’” she said. “They don’t think ‘songwriter.’ But I look at myself as a songwriter first, and then a singer. That’s what I love to do the most.”

Carey added, “It’s something that I think a lot of people don’t give women enough credit for, unless they are known visually as someone strumming a guitar, or they’re behind a piano most of the time.”

Then there’s the time she did an interview with Chicago’s WGN when she was asked what she thought about the Grammys and she had this to say. “Do you really think I watch that show? … It’s boring as hell.” Ouch.

She’s been nominated 34 times and only won 5 of them, but seeing her out at Disneyland this week with her 7 year old twins Moroccan and Monroe. Everyone looked like they were having fun. The only problem is Mariah was donning a black tee with a giant Gucci logo on it and just the day before a call for a boycott on Gucci was made. The scandal erupted over a turtle neck they were revealed to be selling that appeared to be mocking black face. They’ve apologized but it’s going to take a lot more than that as the company’s facing major backlash and boycott over it. By the way, good luck telling Mariah what not to wear.

And speaking of backlash, Karen Attiah with the Washington Post has asked Mariah to stop performing in Saudi Arabia. She clearly didn’t listen as she performed anyway last month. She’ll likely do it again because if there’s anything we know about divas like Mariah do as they please.

Back to the Grammys, one of the most talked about performers was Jennifer Lopez who did a Motown tribute. Yes, you read that correctly. Well Mariah’s ex Nick Cannon hosted the Wendy Williams Show where he was asked his celebrity crushes. He named his ex-wife Mariah Carey, number two was Halle Berry and number three was Naomi Campbell. “That’s what you want. Them is women,” he said. A producer suggested JLo to which he reprised Mariah’s shadiest line going strong about 15 or so years now, “I don’t know her,” he said with a smile. At this point, that’s pretty much how Mariah sees the Grammys… she doesn’t know them.

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