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Posted by: Javonni Brustow Category: News Comments: 0 Post Date: February 27, 2019

VIDEO: Lil Mo & Her Husband Karl Dargan Spoke On Moving Forward as a Couple to MadameNoire

Photo Credit: MadamNoire/Youtube

R&B singer Lil Mo and her boxer husband Karl Dargan’s relationship issues aren’t a secret and it’s what lead the two to going on WE Tv’s Marriage Bootcamp. In an interview with MadameNoire, they sat down to discuss what they did to move forward in their relationship. The first two headlines, including that from MadameNoire themselves is that they both fought during the interview. Bossip said they bickered the entire interview. Clearly no one who wrote either headline has been in a relationship before. Had anyone else experienced what these two have, the only television exposure that would have happened would be starring on First 48.

For starters, no one fought and considering how we’ve seen Karl get out of his seat before to address people, it could have been worse. Mo said that throughout her career she’s only wanted three things and that was peace, happiness and her family. That seems fair. And she said if anyone knows that that’s what she values most in life and someone pokes at it, of course she would react. And that is what she did as it would be expected. Throughout the portion of the interview shared, notice the word cheating wasn’t mentioned. For all the alleged out of control bickering that went on, they still know each other’s buttons and neither went out of the way to cut the other too deep. So with that being said, the conversation from where we could see it, was pretty tame given the circumstances.

Credit goes to Lil Mo for saying she’s been married before and understands tha she needs to cover her husband. She said she only asks for a heads up if something is going on so that she can properly handle the situation in the best interest of their relationship. At least she’s committed. And an important take away from the interview is that she said people seriously don’t want to see black love exist. Karl laughed but she’s right. And for someone who’s been married a few times, she knows there are people who would sooner pay attention to bad news about her relationship before they would something good. The two are now going on their 5th year of being married, still making it work and that’s all that matters.

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