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Posted by: Javonni Brustow Category: News Comments: 0 Post Date: June 15, 2019

L&HH Star Brittney Taylor’s Been Arrested for Assaulting a Woman with a Cell Phone

Photo Credit: Brittney Taylor/Instagram
UPDATE: The woman is said to be a witness in the Remy Ma case. So, apparently she was going to tell that Brittney had something to do with it so she decided to ensure that didn’t happen.

Love & Hip Hop: New York star Brittney Taylor just found herself in her second assault case this year except this time, she’s the aggressor. Apparently a fight transpired going from the 35th floor of her apartment building all the way to the lobby. An argument began in her apartment with an unidentified female who left her place with scratches on her and escaped to an elevator. Determined to finish the fight, Taylor got on another elevator and followed her to the lobby where she took her phone and chucked it at her head a la Naomi Campbell. Satisfied with her work, she returned to her apartment, but only shortly before NYPD showed up to carry her away for assault and aggravated harassment, both misdemeanors. Her attorney Sanford Rubenstein says she’ll be in court next month to face the charges.

There’s a bit of irony here because fellow Love & Hip Hop star Remy Ma is facing the very same charge for allegedly punching Brittney in April. And while she was able to play the victim for some time, here she is out doing the same thing to someone else. That certainly can’t play too well as it pertains to her character in court because she’s projecting the behavior she claims was thrust on her meaning there’s a chance if it did in fact happen, she likely provoked it or hand something to with it herself. Brittney came on Love & Hip Hop to try and rebuild her career. She was able to buy a condo off of the proceeds of a hit she had as a child in 2006 but as her mentor Trina has said, she needs to focus and what she’s doing chasing people through the lobby of her NY apartment isn’t focusing.

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