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Posted by: popglitz Category: Eye Candy Comments: 0 Post Date: December 18, 2018

Israeli/Italian Model and Actor Enrico Ravenna

Enrico Ravenna is our latest Eye Candy pick, an Israeli and Italian model and actor who has worked with famed New York City male calendar photographer Rick Day, Los Angeles photog, She Driven Photography, Israeli photog Lance Allen and tons more. Enrique has played in the short film 4 Hours, has been in the television series Pool of Criminals and will be in The Perfect Day, a film also featuring Allen West with the intent of restoring patriotism. Enrico’s also signed to Elite Model Management.

If you were to scroll through Enrico’s Instagram, you’d notice one recurring theme. Aside from being shirtless in a good amount of pics, it’s hard to not see he’s an avid coffee drinker. There’s a cup in his hand in about every pic. Up until now I’d say we had that in common but I just quit. He should probably consider being a brand ambassador for a coffee company so he can get something out of it.

He does however train others in Krav Maga military defense training in Atlanta where he lives so every time you see him with his shirt off it’s a reminder that he can help you look like that. If you’re wondering about his fighting credentials, he used to be a combat soldier, so that pretty much settles that.

If you’re wondering about his dating life, he just celebrated his 4 year anniversary a few weeks ago. Their wedding photos in Capri are quite enviable by the way. So we’re sorry he’s off the market but you’ll at least have something to look at for now.

Glitzers, check out our new Eye Candy model Enrico Ravenna and make sure you follow him on social media below:

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Photo Credits: Enrico Ravenna/Instagram

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