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Posted by: Javonni Brustow Category: Music Comments: 0 Post Date: June 26, 2019

Cardi B’s New ‘Press’ Video Features Threesomes, Nudity and Ironically, Her on Trial

Cardi B just performed her new single Press at the BET Awards doing what she knows how to do best, get press. And while she might be throwing proverbial jabs at the media for their depiction of her, this video shows why she gets every move of hers covered. The video has all of the hot bad girl wish list items any of her male fans would want to see from her. That’s including a menage-a-trois, violence, nudity and lots of it.

She started the video off being with a threesome gone wrong where it looks like she shot the guy in the threesome. (That’s probably a hint for hubby Offset if he gets anymore ideas.) She snatched the cigarette out of the mouth of the man interrogating her at the police station, smoked it and blew smoke in his face before she tried choking him to death. The courtroom got shot up by what appears to be orders she gave someone else to do, very similar to her current court case. And it ended with someone getting drowned head first in a prison toilet.

This is definitely a video to remember. From being told she wasn’t gong to make it in rap from reality television to having a baby in the middle or promoting her first album to a pending trial, Cardi has consistently proven she’s able to make it in the industry and not only that, to dominate it. Meanwhile, she just plead Not Guilty to a dozen charges regarding her involvement in a strip club brawl that included chairs, drinks and pitchers thrown across the club at the woman she accused of sleeping with her husband, rapper Offset and her sister. She’s expected to return to court in September to face a whopping 8 years if convicted. Art imitates life and while this is a fire video, we’re not sure how this will play out in court as to whether it is seen as not being remorseful or continuing to exhibit violent tendencies. It’s worth noting that a person should not be judged in court cases on their art but it does happen. Still, we’re wishing her the best.

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