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Posted by: Javonni Brustow Category: News Comments: 0 Post Date: July 16, 2019

Eye Candy: South African Model and Socialite Lunga Shabalala

Photo Credit: Lunga Shabalala

For this Eye Candy pick, we took it all the way to South Africa with one of their most known faces. Lunga Shabalala is known for hosting the popular SABC1 variety show Selimathunzi. He’s been in Cosmo’s Sexiest Hunks Calendar, a top 5 on GQ’s Best Dressed Men list and Cosmopolitan Sexiest Man finalist twice. He’s also covered Men’s Health South Africa, a dream he says he’s had that he’s been praying for since he was a teenager.

And if his stunning looks have have taken your interest, he recently announced he was taking girlfriend applications in his DMs. The only rule to keep in mind is that he said if you don’t receive a response within 3 days, to consider your application unsuccessful. And if you weren’t sure whether you wanted to hit send on your application, there’s a news story out there with the word anaconda next to his name. We don’t even have to explain what it’s about. The fact that that alone was printed might be enough to tip the scales for some people. We kid. He’s cheated in the past though as he’s admitted in an interview where he said he was young and stupid and said guys go through a phase where they do stupid things.

At least he’s honest and a better person now. Regarding his taste, he was in the states and asked out on a date by Jessie J which he says had him blushing on the inside but chose not to accept because he had to work. He did say he really considered it. Now that would have made a nice match. We wonder if he’d be up to giving her another chance for that date. Anyone interested in playing matchmaker? Just saying.

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Photo & Video Credit: Lunga Shabalala/Instagram

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