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Posted by: popglitz Category: Eye Candy Comments: 0 Post Date: March 21, 2017

Eye Candy: Model and Personal Trainer Jean Elie Pierre

Jean Elie Pierre is a Haitian model and certified personal trainer from Ft Lauderdale. You might recognize him as he’s worked with another of our Eye Candy models Junior Jeannot. Jean, who recently celebrated a birthday in February turning 26 and a Pisces has proven he’s a man that can cook sharing pics of fried plantain and fried sweet potatoes, something not all that common to come by. He also describes himself as a dream chaser and surrounds himself with people of the mindset. You can tell by looking at his friends, rapper Kiko London, and Bullymode Clothing designer Stanley Thermidor, both of whom he regularly promotes on social media. And as for the enviable body he has, that takes 6 days a week of gym training he says and from the grueling videos he posts of himself working out, we know it didn’t come easy.

Glitzers, check out our latest Eye Candy model and follow him on social media below:

Photo Credit: Jean Elie Pierre/Instagram

Video Credit: Jean Elie Pierre/Facebook

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