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Posted by: popglitz Category: Eye Candy Comments: One Comment Post Date: July 24, 2018

Eye Candy: Alabama Model Rashad Mims + Eggplant Bonus

Rashad Mims is a 22 year old model in Alabama we chose to cover after a combination of constantly seeing his abs appearing across our Instagram timeline and being asked who he is specifically for that same reason… him constantly popping up. He’s called himself Mr. Eye Candy so it was a no brainer to add him to our Eye Candy section. He’s a southern boy who has a penchant for being covered in baby oil and the fairly frequent eggplant pic… so much of the latter for a second we had to think on whether he belonged listed in the Eye Candy or After Dark sections. We discovered him by way of another model in Alabama he’s friends with that we covered first, Drevon Odoms and seeing the two together are just an ab overload. And for those interested, Shad’s described himself as single and looking and has said Teyana Taylor and her husband Iman Shumpert’s family are living his dream so if you choose to shoot your shot, just know that’s what he’s looking for.

Glitzers, check out our latest Eye Candy model Rashad Mims below and let us know what you think below:

Facebook | Instagram Twitter | Youtube | Snapcht: rip_locmims

Photo Credit: Rashad Mims/Instagram

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