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Posted by: Javonni Brustow Category: News Comments: 0 Post Date: May 26, 2019

Atlanta Rapper No Plug Vows Revenge for being Kidnapped

Photo Credit: No Plug/Instagram

Atlanta rapper No Plug shared a video of himself with blood on his head where he said he was kidnapped and has vowed revenge. He also said they let him go to his surprise and without asking for ransom either. Now it isn’t clear why it happened or who the perpetrators are but you may remember that back in 2016, his childhood friend, rapper Bankroll Fresh was killed outside of a studio. An argument happened between the two and before you know it, shots were fired and No Plug returned fire killing him. The investigation was just closed last year where it was revealed that he killed him in self-defense.

Since the time of Bankroll Fresh’s death, a drive by shooting occurred at Bankroll Fresh’s family home sending over a dozen bullets in the house by way of an automatic rifle but his cousin Amanda Weaver was sent to the hospital. “It’s a really senseless act, a complete disregard for human life,” Atlanta police Capt. Andrew Senzer told Channel 2 Action News. “Very fortunate that she was not injured more severely or killed.” Whether this kidnapping was part of some revenge for killing their family member and the violence of the house being shot, who knows. This is a pretty serious escalation of a beef. The most we generally see in rap beefs might be a fight or shootout. Going to the extent of kidnapping a person is on another level. We’re hoping this doesn’t get any worse because we’d hate to see this happen to anyone.

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