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Posted by: Javonni Brustow Category: News Comments: 0 Post Date: August 12, 2019

Aaron Carter’s Ex is Being Accused of Getting Violent with Him in a Domestic Violence Report

Photo Credit: Aaron Carter/Instagram

Aaron Carter hasn’t had exactly the easiest break up with girlfriend Lina Valentina as it apparently has resulted in him calling the police after she allegedly got violent with him. Details from the July 31st incident have now been revealed where she slapped him and left a bruise on his face. It happened because he says she wouldn’t leave him alone accusing him of being in love with another woman. He showed them a pic of his injury and a report was made. On top of that, earlier in the week police were sent to his place for a welfare check claiming he was suicidal and possibly doing drugs which is important considering he’s been in rehab. It turned out to be a prank but those close to him feel his ex Valenina was behind the call.

And this isn’t the last of Carter’s recent drama. Youtuber Trisha Paytas accused him of cheating on his girlfriend with her. She says they hooked up a day after he announced the break up. She tweeted, “I hooked up with @aaroncarter 2 nights ago and all I got was an unfollow 😔😔😔 I’m sorry ur dick is too big for me to take 😭😭😭.” Well then… Now he responded with DM’s showing messages from her dating back to 2016 asking for a Youtube collaboration and messages of him calling her “absolutely gorgeous,” giving her his number… but the caption over the DM’s was anything but nice.

“Trisha just stop. Come on girl you’re better then this n have some respect. I get what you’re doing with your life/career but it’s gotta change at some point in your life. Let’s be real. @trishapaytas,” Aaron tweeted on August 8th. She then clapped back with details about his relationship saying, “U really gon expose DMs ? Ok here we go – why u f**king someone when ur girlfriend lives at ur house ! !??? But u try to tell me she’s not??! U told me u were single wtf.” To explain, Carter was with Valentina for about a year prior to the announcement of the breakup but she said he got back with her twice and slept with her twice in that time period including the very next day after they slept together once. She even showed a DM where Carter said a “she,” presumably his girlfriend found her lashes.

He’s since tweeted and deleted “This is foul. To take everyone’s personal experiences that they have with you and exploit them for money is appalling. SHAME ON YOU TRISHA THAT WAS MY LAST ATTEMPT AT BEING COOL WOTH YOU. BE WELL.”

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