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Tyga Said to Stop Calling Him Kylie Jenner’s Baby Daddy

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Thursday, 29 Mar 2018 13:01 PM / No Comments
Source: Billboard

Kylie Jenner just had her first child, Stormi Webster with rapper Travis Scott the first of February but due to the secrecy of her pregnancy, all types of conspiracy theories have floated around such as whether she ws the one actually pregnant, did Travis dump her and of course, whether the baby belonged to her ex Tyga. Now questioning the father of someone’s child is normally rude but when your’e a Kardashian or Jenner, anything pretty much goes. After all, there are still Kim Kardashian robbery truthers out there so why not. While all’s fair in love and Kardashian, not so, cried Tyga.

He wasn’t even petty about it. First he let her mother Kris Jenner step in and make her statement on Australian radio show Kyle and Jackie O.


Clearly that wasn’t enough so Tyga had to shut it down for good on Twitter as he was not amused. He said he’s never spoken about anyone else’s child and that he had nothing to do with that situation so stop spreading false information.

While he might be acting all sanctimonious now, Tyga should stop acting like he didn’t just ask for a paternity test when the child was first born because he certainly did. This is Kylie after all, you can never be too sure. On top of that, Tyga has bills to pay. He was renting houses trying to keep up in Calabasas and hardly paid his rent in any of them, that is when he wasn’t trashing them so he could use a little money from being connected to the Kardashian clan. Our theory is he realized he missed out on that paycheck and made sure the world was aware. Either way, he’s warned you all. Just like Andrew Caldwell said “Stop Callin’ Me Sis,” you all had better stop saying that’s his child.

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