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Tekashi69 Surrendered Himself, Posted Bail & Walked Out of Jail After Allegedly Assaulting a 16 Year Old in TX Mall

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Monday, 16 Jul 2018 15:04 PM / 1 Comment
Photo Credit: TMZ

Rapper Tekashi69 is a lucky man today. Last Wednesday he got arrested for allegedly choking a 16 year old up in Galleria Mall in Houston way back in January. NYPD took him into custody resulting in him being sent to Rikers Island and being placed in the Contagious Diseases portino of the jail. Now he wasn’t there because he had a disease (despite looking like it with those tattoos and rainbow skittle hair), they did it for his own safety. Considering how much he likes threatening other rappers that was probably a good idea.

First he walked out on $150,000 bail getting out of bein extradited to TX with the agreement he’ll turn himself in on his own which is exactly what he did. Just a little after midnight this morning he showed up to the Harris County court as promised and walked out after posting $5,000 bail. His arraignment is set for Friday.


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This entire ordeal leaves us with so many questions. Just why he would be in a fight with a 16 year old baffles the mind. Then again the average 16 year old will absolutely lead you to want to choke them but most normal people don’t have over $150,000 to just willy nilly go around assaulting people and getting out of jail free. We also understand he dropped out in the 8th grade so of course he would picking on people of similar mental capacity as him but come on…

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In a similar story, Boonk Gang just beat up some teenagers at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Cali, posted the footage and deleted it. We’ve been in contact with family members of the victim and posted an article about the incident as well. While there’s no word on whether they plan on pressing charges, they definitely have a case for it.

Glitzers, check out Tekash69’s pics in court today below:

Photo Credit: TMZ
Photo Credit: TMZ


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