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T.I. Says “the Black Delegation Can’t Afford to Lose Kanye”

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Thursday, 03 May 2018 20:13 PM / No Comments

Kanye West might have made a perceived faux pas in his support of Donald Trump and his rant about slavery before being shut down by TMZ’s Van Lathan but everyone hasn’t shuttered support for him. His friend T.I. who appeared on his recent track told Power 105’s The Breakfast Club, “We, as the black delegation, cannot afford to lose Kanye West,” T.I. said during an interview Wednesday. “He is our Michael Jackson.”


Those words from T.I. are literally the same ones we have said about Kanye when he was hospitalized last year. He’s contributed a great deal to our culture which means mocking and tossing him to the side either when in trouble or at a time we disagree with him isn’t right. Artists like him literally give all of themselves to the public and when they’re lacking, that’s when their fans are supposed to step in to hold them through those times.

While recording Ye vs the World which T.I. says was done so the quickest he’s ever recorded a song, he asked Kanye, “‘What’s up man? I’m sure you have a very logical explanation to all this,'” T.I. said. “Like, ‘what’s happening? What’s the punchline?'” “He said ‘Man, just being a free thinker, man,” T.I. said. And about the Make America Great Again hat he took pics in? “Man, my subconscious spoke to my conscious and it just moved me to wear the hat,” T.I. quoted West saying.

T.I. is a man who has survived enough scandal in his career from gun charges to fighting other men, tearing up restaurants trying to save his marriage so he understands the importance of pushing through. News cycles can ruin a person’s career. Look at Keri Hilson. A perceived beef with Beyonce caused her to never release another album and Chrisette Michelle became both suicidal and had a miscarriage due to stress in response to her simply performing at the President’s inauguration. He attempted to come to Kanye’s defense explaining his thought process and both what went into his recent decisions.

There is something about editing where things get taken out of context or makes things sound 100% worse. As T.I. said, “If you just hear him say something in 10 seconds or 15 seconds, you’re going to think he’s lost his mind. But the more he speaks about it, even when I don’t agree with it, I feel like he’s working through his own personal journey.”

“I think he’s on a personal journey and he’s doing something that none of us understands. We’ve just got to make him aware of the things that could potentially hurt (people).”

“A miniscule percentage of the population of the Earth that speaks the language of Kanye West,” T.I. said. “The things that come into his mind, once they hit the air it probably don’t sound the same to the average (expletive) that’s listening to it as it did in his head. So he needs kind of like a translator.”

And for the million dollar question as to whether Kanye will run for president, T.I. says he is “emphatically certainly serious” about it. We just hope that he gets a team around him to make sure his speech is worked on so that he can correctly articulate his thoughts prior to running for president. We’ve got a number of years between now and then so hopefully he’ll get the hang of it.

Glitzers, watch T.I. speak about his conversation with Kanye on his support for Donald Trump on The Breakfast Club below:

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