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Sorry Boys, Viral Star Khalil Wells Says Just Because He’s Slept with Guys Doesn’t Mean He’s Gay

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Saturday, 15 Sep 2018 17:07 PM / No Comments
Photo Credit: Khalil Wells/Instagram

Khalil Wells is the definition of being fluid sexually. He became known by walking around flashing chest, abs and d*ck, a little soft core with his brother and most recently creaming the hell out of himself with a dildo. It had been long wondered and speculated about whether he was gay or not and then we all got to see him f*ckin’ a guy. That should have put an end to that question, right? Well according to him he says he doesn’t have anything against gay guys but he isn’t gay himself. It was just something he did before. That’s honestly understandable.

Keep in mind Khalil does have an OnlyFans account and people tend to do things their fans ask for such as Marshall Price twerking on camera back in the day despite him saying he’s straight. That’s probably the case with him. He shared on his Instagram story about breaking up with his girlfriend recently so it’s clear he’s in to women. And as for him creaming himself, can you blame the guy for wanting to hit his own g spot? So anyway, respect his wishes. He says he’s looking for a girl but I suppose if any guys happen to get any d*ck from him in the meantime, consider yourselves lucky.


UPDATE: We mentioned Khalil Wells having an OnlyFans account but he doesn’t appear to now. He’s periodically created and deleted his account so we’re not sure what that’s about. I believe he mentioned that he used the adult stuff to get his name out there and now it’s time to move on to other things. As we’ve reported before he’s expressed interest in modeling and music. He definitely has the body and looks to model so we’re going to be keeping our fingers crossed for that… not to mention he’s a poet as well.

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