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Social Media Couple Jamar Johnson & Alexia Post Bloody Domestic Abuse on Instagram

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Thursday, 28 Jun 2018 21:23 PM / 1 Comment
Photo Credit: Alexia Hunter/Instagram

I’m torn about this situation. We covered Youtuber Jamar Johnson aka Juh_Chill_Hoeee in the past as well as his relationship with fellow social media personality Alexia Hunter. In fact, in February, we named them #RelationshipGoals posting footage of the two together. It’s good seeing a young couple start their lives together in a committed relationship. In February she was pregnant with his baby ready to pop but in a few short months, boy have things changed.

A little over an hour ago, we saw Jamar post a video of Alexia crying saying she had cheated on him. For a moment I hoped it was some bizarre staged social media stunt until I saw her Instagram account showing herself covered in scratches, cuts, bruises and blood. She was in the comments of the video posted to his page saying if she didn’t do the video he was only going to beat her some more, followed up with a laughing emoji. Supposedly the video was done in response to her posting bruises on her page. There was some talk about her having full custody and he was quite indignant about the injuries saying “Tell ’em why I hit you in your sh**.”


I don’t want to take sides in this as I think it’s simply unfortunate. I do know that once you put something out there it is out there forever and hopefully this situation can be looked back on in the future as something to learn from. They have a child together and for the kid’s sake I hope the two can at least be civil without beating each other up. And they’re young. Some sort of friction is to be expected as Jamar just turned 20. What isn’t expected is this social media Lifetime Original that seems to be starting.

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Glitzers, look at this tomfoolery that just took place below:
Jamar Johnson | Alexia Hunter

Video Credit: Jamar Johnson/Instagram

Photo Credit: Alexia Hunter/Instagram

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