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Real Housewives Star Apollo Nida Scams Over 40 Bank Accounts

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Tuesday, 28 Jan 2014 06:55 AM / 30 Comments

This is quickly turning into the terrible, horrible, no good week for Real Housewives of Atlanta star Apollo Nida. He has been caught on film in what appears to be a steroid induced tirade fighting Kenya Moore‘s assistant Brandon Deshazer “as if he were fighting for his virginity” as Kenya put it; but that isn’t the worst of it. Apolla was arrested this past Thursday after a year and a half investigation of him was completed, finding he had committed identity theft and opened 40 fraudulent bank accounts accumulating approximately $3 million.

Apollo did not conspire the entire elaborate scheme on his own. He had a female accomplice named Gayla St. Julien. Dozens of treasury and Delta Airlines checks were stolen, car dealerships were impersonated, tax companies, fraudulent auto loan checks created and the list simply goes on. His wife Phaedra Parks hired the high profile attorney Lin Wood to represent her husband but they have since quit which spells anything but good news for Phaedra and Apollo. To make matters worse, Kenya Moore has repeatedly poked fun at Apollo calling him an idiot, a thug and that losers never win on Twitter.


Parks described her husband as the Martha Stewart on the show comparing him to Malcolm X, saying she married him because she loves him, is a Christian and believes that people deserve redemption from their past. No word yet on whether or not his latest antics are Malcolm X-like in her eyes.

After doing time for this very same thing in the past, why do you think Apollo decided to do it again?

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