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Rapper Meek Mill Backs Out of Meeting with Trump on Prison Reform

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Friday, 18 May 2018 12:55 PM / No Comments

Rapper Meek Mill recently had a chance of a lifetime when he became the face of criminal justice reform when he was given a 2 to 4 year prison sentence for violating probation from a decade old illegal gun and drug conviction. Jay-Z swooped in, spent millions in legal fees to get him out, something the average American doesn’t have. Political and media figures from coast to coast were visiting him and speaking about the conviction. Also keep in mind that the judge asked to be in a music video of his and the clerk asked for $30k for her child’s college tuition and she still got to preside over the case. This has even resulted in him getting his own Amazon Prime docuseries on criminal justice reform.


Finally, the plight and story of rapper Meek Mill made its way up to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and he had a chance to meet with the President at the White House. That’s a good thing, right? Well apparently not as he just pulled out of the event amid pressures from many including the man who helped get him out of prison, Jay-Z, all saying that a meeting with Trump would be detrimental.

“I was originally scheduled to be part of a panel on Prison Reform at the White House to help shed light on the issues within the system,” Mill said in a statement. “Unfortunately, the focus turned to the President and myself which concerned me that it might take away from creating a positive result from today’s discussions.

“As a result, I decided not to attend, so that the focus would be solely on fixing our prison system,” the rapper said. “Most importantly, I remain fully committed to improving our criminal justice system.”

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Decades have gone by with complaints about the criminal justice system and despite the rapper’s feelings about the President, this could have been his chance to finally change things. It’s unfortunate that the meeting didn’t happen but since the conversation is happening now, if not him, someone else will jump to the opportunity to affect change… a person less afraid of their own shadow.



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