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People are Burning Vanity Fair Magazines for Jokingly Telling Hillary Not to Run in 2020

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Wednesday, 27 Dec 2017 20:52 PM / No Comments

Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election and for a good amount of the year, their seemed to have been some sort of hope for her to be vindicated by a recount, impeachment, investigation finding… something. Going into 2018, none of that has happened and Vanity Fair published their list of New Years Resolutions for the two time failed presidential candidate.


Some of the suggestions include disabling autofill so that typing the letter f doesn’t turn into “form exploratory committee” autopopulating. One staffer suggested she teach a class in her famous nostril breathing to remain calm that she discussed on Anderson Cooper. There were the usuals of knitting, volunteer work and improv to keep from running for president in 2020 but a favorite of ours is that she should head back out into the woods, because “how else will you come across unsuspecting hikers?” That one sounds eerily reminiscent of Ron Brown and all the others on the alleged Clinton murdered list. And lastly, put down the James Comey voodoo doll.

That was funny, right? Especially after a year of poking fun at Trump, a little self-deprecating humor is par for the course. Sadly liberals didn’t find it funny in the least bit with the hashtag #CancelVanityFair originating from former Clinton adviser Peter Daou. “So @VanityFair decided that the best way to end 2017 was to take a repulsive cheap shot at @HillaryClinton, one of the most accomplished women in the history of the United States,” Daou wrote. “Suggesting the first woman to be a major party presidential nominee should take up knitting is a stunning lack of judgment on @VanityFair’s part.” Huffington Post writer and comedian Michael Blackman said to “stick to determining which celebrity was best dressed on the red carpet.”

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This is funny because Conservatives tend to say this about Hollywood and many liberal publications such as Vanity Fair all the time. Many have little sense of humor or are thin skinned telling singers and actors and actresses all the time to stick to singing so it’s funny to see the other side doing this.

Now one interesting tidbit about the timeline of this coming out now is that the Editor-in-Chief of Vanity Fair for the last 25 years Graydon Carter has now been ousted and he carried on a 30 year old grudge against President Trump who’s never missed an opportunity to bash him as well as being the originator of the small hands comment Rubio made. It turns out that went back much further than Rubio. Sidebar: Trump predicted Carter’s firing and that is exactly what ended up happening.

Everyone calm down, learn to take a joke and Hillary, you might actually want to take some of this as serious advice. lbvs

Watch Vanity Fair’s video giving Hillary advice on what to do going into 2018 below:

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