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#OhSnap: 50 Cent Tells Wendy Williams Her Husband Deserves a Side Chick

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Saturday, 14 Oct 2017 23:35 PM / No Comments

In 2017, the only person about as petty on social media as Donald Trump is rapper 50 Cent. Then again, there was that time when Drake went on stage with a Powerpoint of memes clowning Meek Mill, but 50 Cent’s been doing that for years. He just finished at least a year of pretending to be broke, filing bankruptcy and allegedly building a mansion in Africa just to avoid a lawsuit payout to an ex of Rick Ross where he superimposed himself in a sex tape of hers humiliating her acting as her pimp… and there was that whole thing about his baby mother’s house burning to the ground years ago but, that was never confirmed to be him.

In his latest round of petty, Wendy told him to get his life together when he announced a Child Support Freedom party now that his son’s of age. This came after similarly posting a child support count down clock on Instagram. His son clapped back saying “Damn if only your new show was this funny.” He did respond in turn saying he was insensitive because he never met his dad and his mother died when he was 8. (Typical case of hurt people hurt people.) Nonetheless, Wendy did a segment of her show dedicated to asking her audience if they believed his apology. 50 responded with memes body shaming her and comparing her to a lion… something completely wrong, but then again he did caption the child support freedom party with “Tom Petty is alive” so, you can’t say he didnt warn you.

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Meanwhile, Wendy’s said to be planning an epic clapback of her own as sources say she thinks she’s smarter than him anyway. Considering his childlike behavior, she’s probably right. She has some catching up to do though as her arch nemesis Angie Martinez has been begged by 50 to get her own show “so we don’t have to look at this dog face b**** no more,” he said. Wendy’s calmed down over the years, especially since she got on television, but 50 might have forgotten that Wendy’s a Jersey girl and definitely no punk.

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