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Nicki Minaj Deletes Instagram Pics of Her H&M Line in Light of Racial Ad Scandal

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Tuesday, 09 Jan 2018 18:19 PM / No Comments

H&M pulled a stunt this week that if I hadn’t seen it for myself I almost wouldn’t believe it actually occurred. They were selling a hoodie on their site saying “Coolest monkey in the jungle.” The internet immediately lost it. Keep in mind, Dove did the same thing in 2017 where a black woman started off black using their soap and ended up a white woman.


So far Jesse Williams has denounced the H&M ad as a “pathetic excuse for corporate behavior.” R&B singer The Weeknd announced on Twitter he was cutting ties with the company after just over a year of having merchandise with them. In their apology, H&M said the hoodie has been removed from their site and will no longer be sold in the United States. If interpreted correctly, this sounds as though they’re going to stop being racist in America but not other countries. How interesting.

Rapper Nicki Minaj, who just debuted a holiday line with them has been getting pressured by fans to speak up as well. She took silent action by removing all sponsored images from H&M on her Instagram account. I’m sure she’s going to face backlash for not saying anything but some people are activists and others aren’t. It’s a tough situation of working, minding your business and ending up the center of scandal just for being paid by a company having to choose whether to make a public rebuke, having to call up your attorney to handle the loose ends of getting out of promotional obligations… it’s a mess and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Also, what I don’t wish on anyone is to be the person who came up with the photo idea of putting the monkey hoodie on the black child.

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While there is a lot of backlash right now towards H&M, let’s hope those calling for boycott will continue to do so into 2019 and not let this end on the other side of this news cycle.


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