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NFL Player Zay Jones Strips Naked & Tries To Jump Out of 30th Floor Window

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Wednesday, 21 Mar 2018 20:29 PM / No Comments

In a bizarre set of events, Buffalo Bills wide receiver Isaigh Jones has appeared in a new viral video stark naked in the penthouse level of an apartment trying to jump out of a window on the 30th floor. It’s apparent he’s in a tussle with his brother, Vikings practice squad member Cayleb Jones. As for what the cause, it isn’t clear. At one point in the video, though he can be heard shouting “I’m going to fight for Jesus.” At least he’s fighting for a good cause. He just needs to do so clothed. I would like to thank him for helping us meet our daily quota for nudity on our site. It’s much appreciated.


In the midst of this fighting for Jesus his brother is seen trying to restrain him shouting “Stop!” He then broke from his brother’s grip, fled into an apartment TMZ says belonged to his brother’s girlfriend resulting in screams as he ran to the balcony. He kicked his foot, breaking a window where he tried to squeeze through before police arrived and subdued him. A woman in the background is heard saying “It looks like a f—ing murder scene.”

The sad part of it all is there are no immediate reports about drugs being involved here. It’s my theory he either is schizophrenic, didn’t take his medication and/or was sleeping with his brother’s girlfriend. But then that doesn’t explain trying to jump out of the window. As an NFL player, how bad could life possibly be? There are just too many questions to be asked. His father posted a message on Twitter saying he “is with me and his mom,” while adding “he’s going to be fine!” His father, Robert Jones is a former NFL player who won 3 Super Bowl championships so he should be well versed on what he has going on and hopefully should be able to help. His son definitely appears to be in crisis, so we hope he gets the help he needs. In other news, we’re also hoping for a second installment of nudity from him, hopefully sober this time.

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