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Mike Will Made It and Chief Keef Helping Kendall Jenner Start a Rap Career?

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Wednesday, 11 Apr 2018 19:41 PM / No Comments

At this point in time, The Kardashians just about seem to have overstayed their welcome just as long as Facebook has. The only thing is they just haven’t had to perform before Congress like Mark Zuckerberg.. or the Salahis who the latter’s visit put their career safely into the grave. (The husband Tareq is currently hawking visits to his winery home based off of his appearance on a show from nearly 10 years ago… poor thing.) But the Kardashians have proven to have staying power, all by sucking the life out of every black guy in their vicinity, almost like Mariah Carey in rap, sans the whole bipolar revelation she shared today. But then again, it’s the black guys who all usually end up crazy from dealing with them.


But it now looks like the Kardashians have found at least another year or two of headlines and continued storyline for television. Chief Keef just went on Twitter saying he wanted Kendall Jenner to start rapping. Kudos on the cultural appropriation cosign Keef, but has anyone heard Kendall rap before? I guess that doesn’t matter as mega-producer Mike Will Made It hopped on saying he told her to do the same years ago. In fact his words were “Bruh I told her this like 3 , 4 years ago , sing or sump.” So apparently her modeling career doesn’t count as “sump” to him and he wants her to get into music just for the hell of it. Shall we review history and discuss Kim Kardashian’s music career? You all forgot she had one because that’s how laughable and short lived it was.. or Paris Hilton who at least had an album and lastly her sister Kylie’s ex Tyga who as a once legitimate artist has been included in the list of rappers no longer aware they’re famous. And you know what the irony is? We’re here for it. This is reality television. May the sh*tshow continue. If Kim Zolciak can have a single in her old age, Kendall can too. Hashtag #GoKendall.

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Glitzers, are we supporting Kendall Jenner having a rap career #OrNah?

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