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Michael Jordan’s Son Marcus Jordan Tweeted a Picture of His D***

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Wednesday, 14 Mar 2018 22:13 PM / No Comments

When you aren’t getting enough attention as a public personality, some people go out and meet strangers to sleep with by telling them their real name like Tiger Woods did and other just tweet out pics of their d*ck to see what happens. I mean, why TF not? That’s exactly what Michael Jordan’s son Marcus Jordan did. Hell, most of us either forgot or didn’t even know he had a child. He’s 27. Anyway, it’s hard growing up in the shadows of THEE Michael Jordan so he tweeted a pic of his d*ck out. He claims it was by accident and as someone who spends a significant amount of time online using social media on multiple devices, IT’S POSSIBLE.


He doesn’t have a dummy for parents so I would imagine he was raised better. He isn’t like Kylie Jenner who when asked said she didn’t know what credit meant despite owning millions in assets. (God help her). But I’m leaning more towards him doing it on purpose. Either way, he’d get play whether his d*ck was 2″ or 10″. The pic didn’t appear all that impressive but I’m going to use my experience and say it was a wrong angle. Most guys don’t know how to take a d*ck pic to save their lives anyway. Now since he got our taste buds going with a dick pic leak, I wonder if we’re going to get an accidental sex tape leak? Hmm…

Glitzers, check out Marcus Jordan’s nude leak below and tell us if you want to see more:

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