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Meryl Streep Says “Bitch Stole My Seat” about Mariah Carey at the Golden Globes

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Tuesday, 09 Jan 2018 16:56 PM / No Comments

Meryl Streep attended the Golden Globes this year only to find someone sitting in her seat… Mariah Carey. It was at that point Meryl was presented with a dilemma. There are now two huge stars and one notoriously being a diva sitting… in your seat. So what does one do? First, as Meryl recalled to Jimmy Kimmel, Mariah was sitting there “next to [Steven] Spielberg, sucking up.” (Ouch. #ShadyShade.)


She also said Mariah profusely apologized and offered her her seat. Meryl had a better idea. “‘No, no, no, stay there. I’ll sit on your lap,'” before adding with a smile to Kimmel ‘Cause, you know, it looked comfy.” Was that a fat jab? You only sit in the lap of a fat person. Woman, it’s just a seat. There will be others. At least she found a seat. Some might make a stretch and say her jab at Trump during last year’s show.

The other speech heard around the word by Oprah Winfrey got a cosign from Meryl Streep on a lot of people’s wish for her to run for president… despite saying she never would do so.

“Oprah launched her presidential campaign, I think,” she said. “You can have The Rock as the joint chiefs of staff,” she laughed. “You could have Harrison Ford running defense.”

We’re yet to see if her prediction for president is as lousy as her prediction for picking roles that will get her a Golden Globe this year or thinking she will have her assigned seat at the awards show

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