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Knicks Player Joakim Noah Strips Naked in the Middle of Traffic in Santa Monica

By PopGlitz Staff / Published on Wednesday, 08 Aug 2018 03:02 AM / No Comments
Photo Credit: FIA Pictures

Knicks player Joakim Noah was riding around in his Porsche in Santa Monica, California and suddenly felt the urge to show everyone in traffic what he was working with. Before we go into the reason why, if more of us got to have these types of visuals during our day, the general population would probably be a lot happier, don’t you think? It might cause traffic problems but… work with me here people. There’s still plenty of time to work out the kinks. Now he chose to take his clothes off in the street to do a wardrobe change because, well, who has time to go walk back inside of a store you just left for a wardrobe change? Surely no one would notice this big 6’11 230+lb ball player stripping outside, right?

Joakim is what some would say a bust in New York these days despite being the NBA Defensive Player of the Year. That hasn’t kept him out of the news though. Just last week he lead a peace march in Chicago where he played the first 9 years of his career last Thursday. Just days later 60+ people were shot there over the weekend so a lot of good that did, but he gets our respect for at least trying. But back to his ball playing skills. He made almost $18 million last season for 7 games, a total of 40 minutes of playing so he probably feels he can do what he wants these days… anything but complete a proper free throw. Joakim, if you’re reading this, if you’d like to try your little flashing spree again, by all means, don’t pay us any attention. Just give us a little heads up on covering it. We are NOT complaining.

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Glitzers, check out Knicks player Joakim Noah stripping in Santa Monica below:

Photo Credit: FIA Pictures

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