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King Agu from Bravo’s ‘Invite Only Cabo’ Gets Butt Naked On Instagram

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Friday, 22 Jun 2018 16:37 PM / 1 Comment
Photo Credit: King Agu/Instagram

For a post about nudity, I hate to start off claiming the moral high ground but I have a certain line I draw as it relates to nudity. There are two different types of models in the world, professional ones and Instagram models. The professional ones have reached a level the Instagram models have not and are aspiring to attain. It’s the reason Beyonce and Kim Kardashian don’t get along. One had to work at their career while the other simply flashed her cooch or coslopus as Chelsea Handler calls it. If you’ve ever worked as a model you simply should not be stooping to Instagram model antics such as leaking your own nudes or selling them online.

There’s a new trend of a site called were people are selling videos of themselves. I recall this starting with fitness trainers and preachers selling videos on before getting infiltrated by the THOT culture where people were selling adult videos of themselves. Now in 2018 I’m watching one by one social media stars selling videos of themselves for $10 and $15 a month per subscription. On one hand, at least they’re not doing it for free but it’s quite amazing how after amassing hundreds of thousands of followers, this is all some of these people are able to do to monetize themselves. What bothers me the most are people with legitimate careers who take this detour. With each OnlyFans account announcement from a name I know, it always comes across as them giving up. I don’t want to call names but this has happened with a NUMBER of aspiring models we’ve covered. I guess it beats moving to L.A., falling on your face and doing porn… although this is still… nevermind.

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This all leads me to the topic, Agu Ukaogo. He’s a Nebraska native who has been in national modeling campaigns for Kroger and Hyundai, has his own fitness program and investment company. Why on Earth a person doing all of that also a year away from 40 would just now choose to start selling nudes of his is beyond me. He said he does it because his fans asked him. I’m sure his fans have requested him to do a lot of disgusting things; it doesn’t mean he has to do them. However, from the perspective of being a blogger, by all means, share all the nudity you want. It’s good for business. As for your own career, this is simply not a good look.

Glitzers, check out Agu Ukaogo aka King Agu from Bravo’s Invite Only Cabo’s latest nude he posted of himself on Instagram below:
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Photo Credit: King Agu/Instagram

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Photo Credit: King Agu/Instagram

Video Credit: King Agu/Instagram

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