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Katt Williams Got Threatened with a Gun by Wanda Smith’s Husband for Roasting Her On Air

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Monday, 17 Sep 2018 18:41 PM / No Comments
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Katt Williams went on Atlanta’s V103 and had an interview Friday that’s going to go down in history. First, he did what Katt Williams does. He threw a little shade at some other comedians such as Tiffany Haddish which is fine because he’s a veteran. He backed up the shade by listing his resume which is quite impressive and moreso than many of us realize. It was followed up by a roasting session of Wanda Smith going after everything from her wig not moving to clothes and jewelry. What happened from there, none of us could have expected it.

Saturday night at the Atlanta Comedy Theater where Wanda regularly hosts, Katt Williams showed up. Apparently a verbal altercation with her husband Lamorris Sellers occurred and it ended with Sellers pointing a gun at him. Cops say that Lamorris claims the gun fell from his waistband while chasing him but he never aimed it at him. Surveillance footage also doesn’t show a gun aimed at Katt. Katt also declined to press charges. In conclusion here, Katt roasted Wanda as the kids would say “for the Gods.” If you’re going to be hosting radio, you should be able to take a dig from time to time and you shouldn’t be getting your husband to run up on people with guns to check people who beat you in a roast. Do better, Wanda. Do better.


Glitzes, watch the video that started it all, Katt Williams roasting Wanda Smith below and tell us if you think it warranted the altercation between her husband and Katt:

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