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Jennifer Lopez Sports New Engagement Ring While Out with A Rod at the Beach

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Friday, 06 Jul 2018 08:39 AM / No Comments
Photo Credit: Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

Before anyone gets all worked up hyperventilating, Jennifer Lopez has only been married three times. To reach David Foster or Elizabeth Taylor status she’s got at least another 3 to go. And if she wants to reach Real Housewife legend status, she’ll need to surpass Danielle Staub’s record 19 engagements. Remember that epic video of Teresa Giudice calling her a “prostitution whore?” Well that’s what that was about.

Anyway, it’s been about 18 months since J Lo first started dating the former Yankees player Alex Rodriguez and it looks like he’s already making major moves on her. In a pic she posted on Instagram of herself at the beach lying on his chest captioned with “It’s the lil quiet moments that matter the most…”she appears to have an engagement ring on. One word J Lo, when you wear a ring that size that can be spotted while nowhere near you, that isn’t a quiet moment. In fact it’s pretty loud because it’s going to make a qhole lot of noise on it’s own.


If this is how J Lo is choosing to announce an engagement, it’s a cute game of cat and mouse and a lot more tactful than Katherine McPhee posting a series of text messages with her friend about the proposal. P.S. J Lo’s used to being around money. Katherine? Not so much. She’s got some learning to do. Sadly, sources next to J Lo say they aren’t aware of her having any engagement plans and one insider doesn’t think it even looks like an engagement ring. For April Fool’s Day a Councilmember in DC, Yvette Alexander tried to get us all minutes before midnight posting a ring saying “I said yes.” Not wanting to be rude I immediately thought to myself it looked like a class ring which of course is what it turned out to be in the end. You never know though. J Lo might be going for a little less bling these days. Ashton Kutcher’s wife Mila Kunis bought her wedding ring on Etsy for $90. Laugh if you want but her husband is worth $200 million. If they wanted something more expensive they absolutely could upgrade whenever they want.

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One thing that’s for certain, J Lo isn’t marrying for money. Time Magazine jut named her as one of thetop 100 most influenctial people in the world and that influence is going down her family tree. Her 10 year old daughter Emme who she had with ex-husband Marc Anthony is meeting with publishers for her first book. The proposed title is Lord Help me. Kudos J Lo on helping your child secure the bag and at an early age at that.

Glitzers, check out J Lo and her latest bling addition below. Do you think this is an engagement ring or is she just playing us for the camera?

Photo Credit: Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

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