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Jamaican Model Clinton Moxam Shows His Cakes Off in the Shower

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Sunday, 16 Sep 2018 00:37 AM / No Comments

Clinton Moxam’s a Jamaican model we covered in our Eye Candy section a little over 2 years ago who’s since appeared on MTV’s dating show Are You the One. He’s had quite an astonishing career in the sense that for someone who didn’t have any modeling experience got signed. Beyond that, out of sheer happenstance he became an almost instant internet sensation and voila, got a spot on an MTV dating show. We’ve been seeing pics of him and saying literally for the last two years we were going to cover him again and we’re just now getting around to it. This time it’s to share some of the fun stuff and that would be nudes of his. Unfortunately we don’t have frontal, but just cakes of his in the shower. As for the front though, his nickname is “Big Sexy” so, I suppose you can use your imagination.


Glitzers, check out Clinton Moxam’s nudes below:
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