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JaVonni Brustow: I’m Black, Gay and Just Voted for Donald Trump

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Monday, 14 Nov 2016 20:20 PM / 4 Comments

My name is JaVonni Brustow and I am a black gay Republican. It’s something that almost has to be said in the form of an Alcoholics Anonymous greeting because God knows my political leanings get treated like a sickness. This past Tuesday I chose to vote for Donald Trump as President of the United States. Now before you think this was just some anarchist vote where I just wanted something different to happen, that is not so. In fact, this was a very well thought out choice. I was a Trump supporter from the time he announced his candidacy. But how could one do such a thing, one would say. Because he’s Donald Trump.


For starters, Mr. Trump’s┬ápromise of building jobs isn’t a hard one to see that he’s going to do because he’s creating them now in Washington as we speak by the opening of his newest hotel, The Trump international, just blocks from the White House. The man is a successful business owner who knows what it takes to expand expand the private sector in America which in turn will lead to jobs and prosperity for the rest of the country. It isn’t a hard choice and no revelations about this man’s personality result in a hill of beans when it is all said and done. Anyone who has ever spent time around a corporate CEO or person in a high ranking position in the public or private sector behind the scenes understands that these people are highly narcissistic, rude, the whole 9 yards but guess what? At the end of the day they have a job to do and either they do it or not. In the case of this election, the everyday voter has felt left behind with 1 in 2 working Americans making less than $30,000 a year not long ago and the Economic Policy Institute stating wages have been stagnant for the last 40 years which is why no number of career politicians placed in front of American voters or amount of name calling could change voters’ minds. They’ve simply had it.

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And just how does one join the Republican Party as a minority when by default you’re supposed to be a Democrat? Well that in and of itself is condescending because Democrats are supposed to be the party of diversity yet somehow they become vehemently angry and downright indignant towards anyone whose views don’t align with theirs. I grew up in a house that was very much Democrat. They hated Republicans and I was taught they were all racists. The irony is that every Conservative principle I know, I learned from these people. From self-reliance to entrepreneurship and a strong family unit being a key to success because it starts with a strong foundation. These are not things taught by Democrats but Conservatives. I exercised my right to school choice my entire life. I attended fine arts magnet schools including the number one school in the state of Georgia growing up, Davidson Fine Arts and charter schools in Washington, DC because we knew it would be better not to attend public schools for obvious reasons and it worked out.

I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs that talked about controlling their own lives by trusting in God and going into business for themselves. Despite any of their rhetoric about supporting small businesses, the actions of Democrats show different. In the nation’s capitol, the city wants its residents to get up to 4 months of annual leave. No business owner is able to pay for an employee to be out for an entire 3rd of the year unless they have connections to get city funding or are a major corporation. As a business owner with a media company, not only would I never pay that, I would rather fight it in court. The very concept of it is ridiculous. Even the DC Chamber of Commerce said such but that is another story. Also the push for a $15 an hour minimum wage is absurd. Simple economics says that when you force the arm of business, they will likely pass on the expense to consumers or cut jobs. Some will see a benefit but wages should be left to businesses themselves. Each increase instantly hurts minorities who are those at the bottom of the economic ladder as it causes requirements to raise for the most menial of jobs. Why? Because you want to get the most out of your money. There will always be good companies and bad companies. Those that work with good products, pay and happy employees should be supported. Others will look on and decide from their results whether it is worth adopting their measures but not a requirement.

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Now that I’ve laid out my objections with the Democratic Party, let’s go back to President-elect Donald Trump who beat the Democrat establishment that unsuccessfully called him every name in the book, a man who won in states he didn’t even have campaign offices set up and spent far less money than Hillary Clinton and upset the media who declared him practically the face of Satan and even the Republican establishment who continuously denounced his candidacy also to no avail. The American people said business as usual was no longer going to continue and the great disruptor won. What a Donald Trump win means is that people besides those who have been conditioned since the age of 5 get to take part in the political process and that the White House is welcome to more than just attorneys. The American people decided that they wanted someone with real life experience in the White House and that is what they got. Now it’s time to build and Make America Great Again!

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