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Ice Cube Talks About His Career Longevity with Barbershop 3 + New Music

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Sunday, 10 Apr 2016 09:19 AM / No Comments

Rapper and actor Ice Cube spoke with the Toronto Sun this week doing promo for his new film Barbershop 3: The Next Cut and to share some of what allowed him to have such a long career as it’s been 25 years since his film debut in John Singleton‘s South Central drama Boyz n the Hood. During the interview, he was told that The Next Cut seemed like the flip side of Boyz.

“Yeah, without a doubt!” he says. “It is because the same issues and problems are still plaguing the communities that we come from. I think we’re trying to tell the story in different ways of what can be done and what’s happening.

“I think it’s something that burns deep within us that we’re proud, and we’re always excited, to get to a point where we can do a film like this. Because, as long as these problems are happening in our community, this film is going to have a place in people’s consciousness, and in their hearts, and definitely in their DVD players.”

The difference between the two is that the same issues appear in both films, but where Boyz gave a serious depiction, Barbershop gave a more lighthearted approach to things.


It’s been over a decade since the last Barbershop installment and Ice Cube felt the film series was finished and wrapped up.

“They just wanted to do another Barbershop movie,” Cube recalls, “and I didn’t want to do one. I was like: ‘Why? All we’re going to do is go in there and talk about celebrities and that’s it!’ It’s cool but it’s not for me a reason to do a movie — and I wanted to have a reason.”

He says after reading about a barbershop owner that took a stance against violence, he found the inspiration to revisit the film series.

“It was like, yo, it’s the reason that you do that movie because a barbershop is more than just a place where you talk gossip or trash. It’s a place where people walk in with real problems. Especially in our community, where people are not really into therapy or showing any kind of weakness. The barbershop is the place where people just let it go, let it all hang out. They know that somebody in here understands what they going through.”

Just as his character, Calvin in the film, he says he takes his celebrity and social responsibility serious, which is likely what has kept him in the industry for as long as he has.

Yeah, we never thought we would be in this business for this long,” Cube reflects. “And to still be here and still have interesting projects that people are excited over is more than we could have ever imagined or dreamed of.”

“I’m just a no-nonsense kind of guy,” Cube admits. “I love to have fun. I like to joke. But I keep it in perspective. When it’s time to work, it’s time to work. When it’s time to joke, I can laugh with the best of them but I know I can switch it off like a light-switch and get back to the job at hand.”

“There is a great parallel between Calvin and what he went through and what I’m going through in my career, too. I think, especially my generation, we really have to step up and reach back and guide some of this youth that’s out there.”

“O’Shea is always there, but Ice Cube is the shark that’s right under the surface. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’ll see the fin come up and that’s the warning. Then you get bit!”

For those who are fans of Ice Cube the rapper, it’s been three years since he first started releasing singles from his next album Everythang’s Corrupt, set to be out some time in 2016 he says.

“I think that’s just kinda how things have evolved.” “I think it’s a different music industry. It’s not like it was before (when he worked with the hip-hop leaders NWA), where you say a date and you better make it or you’re not going to sell s—! Here, you miss a date and it’s fine. People don’t trip. You actually get more awareness.”

“I’ve got artists that, whenever they drop a record, I’m there; I don’t care. Hopefully, I’ve gained that same kind of rapport. If I’m not giving it to you, it’s for a reason. It’s not ready. When I’m giving it to you, it’s the best I could do!”

Glitzers, check out Ice Cube’s single Everythang’s Corrupt along with the official trailer for the latest installment in the Barbership series:

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