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Harvey Weinstein Claims He Has 40 Emails of Consent from an Alleged Rape Victim

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Thursday, 02 Aug 2018 12:15 PM / No Comments
Photo Credit: Drew Angerer/Getty

There isn’t a man who has had a bigger fall from grace than Harvey Weinstein, that is if he ever was really there in the first place. Everyone knew he was a creep but it didn’t stop people from working with him. It didn’t stop President Obama from sending his daughter Malia to go do an internship with him either. Things may have all come crashing down for the Hollywood mogul but it doesn’t mean he’s going to go out without a fight. His lawyers just submitted legal documents saying that his rape accuser consented to sex with him. The evidence includes 40 follow up emails of the woman showing affection for him.

The emails haven’t been shown to a jury because they’re his Weinstein Company email and since he lost access to them after being ousted from the company coupled with a protective order from a bankruptcy judge keeping him from disseminating the emails. His lawyers were able to get access to the emails but now they’re seeking permission to use them as an exhibit in order to have the indictment dismissed. His argument is that the Manhattan District Attorney knew about the emails and had him indicted without ever sharing them with the jury. In his mind, failure to present crucial evidence warrants dismissal of the indictment.


Plot twist: The emails only refer to one of the three accusers he has. This is actually a good argument on his behalf however the notion that a person is taking pictures with you smiling after having non-concensual sex with you might be a no-brainer for some, but if you are in a controlling business relationship, the victim might feel they have no other choice but to smile and continue dealing with them so that’s going to be a tough point for him to prove.

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In other news Harvey isn’t exactly in hiding as he was just spotted at Connecticut movie theater Monday night. If you’re wondering how he could show his face, he apparently isn’t ashamed as he’s reportedly become a main fixture there as he’s been going quite regularly lately. The theater was the Bow Tie Royale 6 Theater in Westport where he went to go see Mission Impossible – Fallout. It was his second night in a row there. What appropriate film for him to be watching because the potential life prison sentence he’s up against is truly going to be an impossible mission to escape.


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