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Harvey Levin Competes with the Emmys with New Show ‘Objectified’ Interviewing Judge Judy

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Tuesday, 19 Sep 2017 06:40 AM / No Comments

The Emmys were on Sunday night but that wasn’t all that was on television. Fox News just greenlit a show of celebrity interviews by none other than TMZ’s Harvey Levin. Who else would be better at getting celebrities to open up than the man behind the biggest name in entertainment news. Case in point; during last month’s Kevin Durant Day parade in the newly crowned NBA MVP’s hometown of Seat Pleasant, Maryland, Kevin Durant told the local press “I don’t speak to TMZ.” The interesting part about the debut night chosen for the show was that it would air the same night as the Emmys. Although ratings numbers haven’t come in yet, this was a clear thumb in the nose at CBS which was hosting an award show guaranteed to bash the President beforehand. The end result? The Emmys had their lowest rated show ever so apparently this little ratings grab worked.

For his first show, Harvey interviewed Judge Judy, the highest paid woman on daytime television. He interviewed her in one of her 5 homes to which he reminded her that she also had a private jet, condo on a boat and is living a dream life. She’s very modest in the sense that when given a description of her wealth, she said it sounded horrible. Prior to becoming famous, she and her husband were prepared to retire together in Ft. Lauderdale bringing in $100,000 between the two of them.


Judge Judy enjoys what she does. She said “I do’nt play golf, I don’t play tennis, I don’t know how to play bridge, there’s nothing else i enjoy doing. I like to work;” and that is why at 74 years old she is doing television production now, launching the game show iWitness just this summer.

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One thing that most of us would expect is for Judge Judy to be the largest feminist of all time. Not so. In fact, she said she doesn’t know what the word means. She says she’s never felt professionally threatened by her gender. This is a testament to the benefits of a good education. it’s the ultimate leveler of the playing field. When asked if she wants equal pay with men, she laughed saying absolutely not. This goes to show she’s a woman who is confident in her skillset to the point that she doesn’t have to level up with anyone else.

Glitzers, watch a clip of Harvey Levin’s interview with Judge Judy below and make sure you tune in Sundays at 8pm EST

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