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George Lopez Urinates on Trump’s Hollywood Star (with Fake Urine)

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Wednesday, 11 Jul 2018 23:03 PM / No Comments
Photo Credit: TMZ

With his casting call in New Mexico tomorrow for a new film of his tomorrow, George Lopez had a little spare time in L.A. today so he chose to go out and defile the President’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Pointing a water bottle at the star and pretending to urinate, George appeared to be pretty pleased with himself and his viral stunt.

Since Donald Trump’s been in office he’s pretty much capitalized on his presidency for attention. He currently has performances lined up branded as The Wall World Tour. And just what is the wall tour about? It’s about him counting on filling seats off of someone else’s name. How do I know this? Because when he isn’t on his Wall tour he’s on tour with Cedric the Entertainer, Eddie Griffin and D.L. Hughley. The most recent headlines he’s been involved in have included jackets he’s been selling saying to deport the Presient, his announcement that he was quitting golf until the President passed the DREAM Act, or the time he said Ivanka was ready to get “pimped out” and asked “so what” when called out on it.


Back in November, George declared that Hollywood was an “evil business” in response to comedian Louis C.K. admitting to sexually harrassing women. Considering Lopez’ penchant for liking to rebuke the president so much and that Hollywood is such an evil place, perhaps he should consider leaving it and being serious about doing something about how our government is ran. Chelsea Handler did it. She quit her Netflix show to go full time into political activism. So far she’s mostly accomplished nothing more than apologizing for America to the rest of the world on Independence Day and telling Sarah Sanders to “quit or else.”

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It isn’t that George Lopez is the first person to seek to make a living off of Trump outrage. That’s what the whole #Resist movement is about. It’s quite the cash cow for many. for instance has no shortage of of Resist merchandise. Artists who have no intention of political activism sell products with the word Resist on them because it sounds nice. There are resistance theater plays, artwork, resistance Meetups and get this, Michael Moore took it a step further by creating a calendar cataloging all resist events across the country… and I’m sure people will be paying to be on his “holy grail” of resist calendars. They even have Resist Cabarets. It’s as though they’ve become a cult group providing therapy for those in objection to the administration, complete with their own food and entertainment.

While we’re all currently calling for people to engage in more civility, that might be something George Lopez might want to consider doing. If not, he should remember that he too has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame that too can be defaced. I also recommend reading George Washington’s book Rules of Civility. It’s a good guide for how to act as Americans by our first president since George has so much to say about how others act. I’m sure urinating on someone’s name isn’t in there.

Glitzers, watch George Lopez urinate on President Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star below:

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