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Eye Candy Trifecta: Shapiro King, Eric Tejada & Marquise Moore

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Monday, 28 May 2018 06:30 AM / No Comments
Photo credit: Shapiro King, Eric Tejado, Marquise Moore/ instagram

While scouting talent to cover for our latest Eye Candy pick, we came across Austin, Texas fitness trainer Shapiro King. At first glance we have to admit his body lives up to his nickname of King. Then his dark skin friend Marquise Moore appeared in a pic and we decided to go with him and lastly was the younger Odell Beckham lookalike but in better shape, Eric Tejada (don’t argue). Since we weren’t able to agree on who to cover, we’re just going to go with all three.

Eric says he’s 19 and since the three all went to prom at the same time, they’re all likely the same age. They’ve put in an exceptional amount of gym time at a young age with Eric saying he started just 2 years ago. Captioning a photo for a recent shoot he did with CNG Photography, Shapiro King said “it will take years and years, reps and reps, hours and hours to create my ideal sculpture.” Others would argue he’s already there and the same goes for his friends. Regardless, it’s good enough to be one of our Eye Candy picks and we wish them all the best in the fitness and modeling careers.


Glitzers, check out our first ever Eye Candy trifecta of Shapiro King, Eric Tejada and Marquise Moore below and make sure to follow them all on social media:

Shapiro King: Instagram


Eric Tejada: Instagram

Marquise Moore: Instagram

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