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Did Amber Rose Turn Wiz Khalifa Gay?

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Friday, 10 Oct 2014 14:20 PM / 1 Comment

Rapper Wiz Khalifa recently revealed that he was tired of dating former Ford model Amber Rose. If ever there was question as to whether he’s gay or not, this would be confirmation. But that isn’t the half of it. Just this week in quite the shocking move, Wiz dyed his hair purple, right after his wife beat him to filing the divorce papers. Then to put the nail in the coffin he took a picture of his butt in jeans on Instagram captioned with, “Little booty.” Notice there was no lol or anything of the like which means he clearly went out of his way to show his “little booty” off. The photo was very reminiscent of Chief Keef walking around his house with the camera zoomed in on his sagging pants.

All of this isn’t anything new as last year around Christmas time he was seen out with silver nail polish on. Black polish he may have been able to get away with, but silver? That’s not going to happen. Former Three Six Mafia member Crunchy Black called him out saying he was gay for dying his hair purple:

“Crunchy Black thinks Wiz Khalifa is a f*ag. Which real N*gga dyes his hair purple? And the only reason why Juicy is a part of Taylor Gang, is because he’s gay like them. Juicy J is soft– that’s why he makes records with Katy Perry.

These N*ggas went gay for the money.”


When he released his 2012 album O.N.I.F.C. on the cover shirtless wearing a Dalmatian fur coat, he wrote a series of tweets about being yourself that could have easily been interpreted as him coming out of the closet. Wiz Khalifa Tweets

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Everyone handles divorce differently but it appears he took a page out of the Bruce Jenner handbook, who began growing his hair looking more like a lesbian than he did before and the shaved adam’s apple rumors didn’t help things either. Perhaps Wiz already was gay and this was just the boost he needed to liberate himself.

Watch Wiz Khalifa performing live on The Conan Show below:

WIZ KHALIFA ” Stayin Out All Night ” Live At… by UnderProject

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