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DC Young Democrats Vice President Darrell Gaston Arrested on Simple Assault

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Thursday, 12 Jul 2018 15:32 PM / No Comments
Photo Credit: Darrell Gaston/Facebook

Darrell Gaston is the Vice President of Programs with the DC Young Democrats and was just arrested for simple assault. This occurred at 1618 Gainesville Street SE, Washington, DC after having a warrant out for his arrest. From the arrest record it isn’t clear who he assaulted yet but as soon as that’s made available we’ll be sharing it. He did however provide a post on Facebook with information about being arrested. The arrest occurred a day after his birthday so he most likely had a little too much fun or not enough depending on how you look at it. Since this is a new arrest, it isn’t showing up in the DC court records online but it did however appear in the 7D police precinct’s daily arrest record which we have uploaded below. Also (Court Record of Arrest Warrant)

Photo Caption: Darrell Gaston/Facebook

For Darrell Gaston to have been arrested for assaulting another person comes as no surprise as anyone who has either worked with him, witnessed his behavior in public meetings or just online all understand and saw this coming. We previously covered in an article on leadership in ward 8, the poorest part of the city where he used to chair an Advisory Neighborhood Commission, an unpaid position below City Council. During his tenure there he ran for the Council seat to replace Marion Barry twice. During his second run for the seat a former campaign aide Latasaha Williams had to get a restraining order against him.


He also has a history of harrassing people as his ANC’s then Treasurer Anthony Lorenzo Green has asked him to stop calling harrassing his mother when his campaign started falling apart. Darrell even resorted to harrassing him on a secret adult Twitter account of his. Darrell’s campaign manager also said he broke out her headlights while working for him in 2012. A city auditor’s report showed over $13,000 of misappropriated funds were associated with his ANC. When the misappropriated funds were brought to his attention recently, he responded saying that we were just jealous of the house he bought. That pretty much confirms what he did with the money or at least is an incriminating hint. The then treasurer Anthony Lorenzo said upon replacing the last person in that position that Darrell was purchasing office supplies with the ANC card and returned them all pocketing the cash. His ANC spent more than any other ANC in the city on cell phones when his residents are some of the neediest and could have used that money to help the community in better ways. Anthony Lorenzo also pointed out in a tweet that Darrell handled all of the finances, the stealing etc. and appointed someone to have the title as treasurer essentially setting them up as a fall person if anything were to happen. And speaking of cell phones, there was an article years ago from former Gray administration One City staffer and club promoter Keith Jones who wrote about Darrell traveling to Atlanta for gay pride in 2011 (Disclaimer: he ran for office saying he was married to a woman at the time) and because a person there didn’t respond to his advances, he threw their phone in the trash. Screenshot evidence here. And the person who rejected him is cross-eyed.

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It would literally bore readers to list the scandalous behavior of this former elected official such as pretending to be suicidal to beg then Councilmember Laruby May who replaced Marion Barry for a job in DC government which he no longer has. It might have to do with him lying about going to college, something his former ANC treasurer and campaign aide Anthony Lorenzo and one time campaign manager Elizabeth Pecot, a former ward 7 ANC Commissioner have both confirmed. Sharing none of this faired well for Anthony who attacked Anthony right in front of the 7D police station in 2012. All of this does however make one wonder, how a person like this could be trusted in a leadership position as the DC Young Democrats Vice President. Is this how low the bar has been set. In 2012 the Intowner newspaper endorsed him for City Council but retracted it after we had a conversation with them about the person they had endorsed. DC can do better than a petty thief in office or leadership.

As soon as Darrell Gaston has been arraigned and more information is available about his arrest, we’ll share it as it comes.
Court Record of Arrest Warrant

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