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David Foster Gets Engaged to Katherine Mcphee Who’s Half His Age & Soon to be His 5th Wife

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Tuesday, 03 Jul 2018 19:43 PM / 1 Comment
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David Foster is 16 Grammy winning music powerhouse who’s produced music for Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Chaka Khan, Seal, Rod Stewart and an endless list of greats. Just a little over a year ago he divorced former Ford model and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Hadid and apparently hasn’t wasted a second in moving on. He just popped the question to his girlfriend Katherine Mcphee. The actress and singer just made her Browadway debut in Waitress as the lead. While she’s had a decent acting career and still gets called on for her powerhouse vocals for PBS specials and the like, her music career has been quite listless which is interesting for a man so used to working with legends and top billed performers.

Did we mention David’s 34 years her senior? He’s actually twice her age as she’s 34 and he’s 68. Whoa. But this isn’t the first time. Her first husband was about 20 years older than her as well. Detractors that are friends of the two have stated they feel the couple are using each other for publicity. She also has a bit of a history. Friends of Katherine’s say she’s always been “ambitious.” And I’m sure it’s that ambition that lead her to get caught kissing her boss, married director Michael Morris, dropping all of her friends when she moved to L.A. and marrying her first manager Nick Cokas, again, 19 years her senior. Perhaps this is why Foster’s children reportedly didn’t accept her into the family until today.


The engagement was confirmed on Instagram by Mcphee sharing a screenshot text conversation with a friend about the details. We’ve seen better announcements but hey. She said it occurred at the top of a mountain. It was dark and she was hoping he wouldn’t push her off. In the end she said he chose to spare her but her friend reminded her he could always push her off another day. While that was clever, considering he’s had 4 wives and he left the last one while she was suffering from a debilitating disease, he very well might do that.

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“David and Katharine are more serious than they ever have been, and don’t care what others around them think,” a source told E! News in December of last year. “David and Katharine have been spending a lot of time together recently and are not afraid to show affection now.”

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“David is usually a playboy but Katharine has made him change his ways, and he is really comfortable with her. He tries to fit Katharine into his schedule with dinners and lunches during the week,” the source added. “They both love being out in public together, and are enjoying each other’s company. Katharine has always had a crush on David, and she’s happy that their relationship is transpiring.”

Many will have something to say about this but if they’re happy, that’s all that matters. It is how however interesting that she turned comments off on her Instagram account underneath the announcement. Keep in mind one of the rumored sources of the breakup betweet David and his ex-wife Yolanda was the negative connotation being married to someone on the Real Houswives of Beverly Hills caused him. It even caused his charitable work to suffer. Apparently she’s trying to keep a low profile and keep the drama to a minimum. And maybe he’ll be able to help her with her career because she’s pretty much flown below the radar since her debut over a decade ago.

Glitzers, do you support dating with this type of age difference?


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