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Chrisette Michele Says She Had a Miscarriage & has been Suicidal Since Trump Backlash

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Saturday, 28 Oct 2017 13:07 PM / No Comments

Earlier this year, R&B singer Chrisette Michele performed for Donald Trump’s inauguration and has been facing career backlash ever since. She went on Instagram yesterday saying so far this year she’s had a miscarriage, was dropped from her label and has even been suicidal. Even with the news of her wanting to take her life, which no one should ever encourage, there are people in the world who are celebrating the news saying she brought it on herself. Others find what she is going through funny and I find it disgusting. The worst part of it all is that Chrisette didn’t even overtly express support for the President, she simply answered the call to do service for her country by ushering in a new president in song. You don’t have to like the man but you don’t have to destroy everyone around him either.

This brings us to those who continue to cheer the demise of Chrisette Michele. She poured her heart out on Instagram saying that she’s watching a decade of work she’s done to help other people blow up in her face as if it were nothing. If anyone should understand this, those in the industry or attempting to be should be more empathetic.


The first case is a Connecticut choreographer by the name of Steven Wilson who runs Oasis Dance Group. He’s in his late 30s and on dialysis. He said that artists should understand their audience and that she only hurt herself. One would think that a person going through what they currently are would not be so adamant about destroying another person. How many fingers and toes does one have to lose before they stop the hate?

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Our second case in point is an artist that we once supported heavily who received near 10 now deleted stories from us, Sir Harvey Fitz who has repeatedly stated that black Trump supporters don’t love themselves. As hard as he might try to get ahead, it is this type of contempt he has for those who support him that has him at home with his parents in his 30s. Also, we are not posting his information here as we don’t feel it is deserved. One thing that will not occur is me being demonized by an artist I’ve supported. Not going to happen.

Trump supporters are not the problem. At least they only wanted Hillary in prison. They weren’t going around wishing death on others as karma.

Glitzers, read Chrisette Michele talk about how she’s considered taking her life and the responses of those in the community below:

Harvey Fitz:

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