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Chris Cuomo to Challenge Hannity and Maddow with New Prime Time Show

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Thursday, 15 Mar 2018 16:50 PM / No Comments

The host of CNN’s New Day, Chris Cuomo is now moving to a new primetime slot currently held by the second hour of Anderson Cooper’s AC 360. The irony here is that the two have crossed paths in competition over the years from undergrad at Yale to ABC, CNN and now Cuomo seems to be winning the battle. While Cooper represents the network, CNN has been floundering in ratings for some time with it becoming evident Cooper simply isn’t able to compete with Maddow in the 9:00 hour. With no changes to their programming since 2014, it’s amazing the change hasn’t occurred sooner. Cuomo isn’t much better as his morning show has failed to establish solid ratings, media analyst Jeff McCall says.


Then there is Sean Hannity. The cable news shock jock has become the King of Cable News with him reigning at the top for five straight months holding a wide lead over Rachel Maddow according to Forbes. The New York Times has called Hannity the Jedi Knight of The American Right. Keep in mind that just because a person is popular on television does it make them right. A recent Vox report found Hannity to have the most conspiracy-laden language than any other cable news show and by a wide margin. While Vox is liberal leaning, this can also be confirmed by advertisers such as, Peleton exercise bikes and mattress company Leesa Sleep pulling out from his program over his insistence on pushing the fact free conspiracy of the fatally shot DNC staffer Seth Rich. It took a week of the family pleading for him to stop politicizing his death saying he gave millions of DNC emails to WikiLeaks when no evidence of this was found. The family is now suing the network for slandering their son’s name.

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Then there is the network Hannity works for. Fox News is classified as Entertainment by the FCC, not news. That in and of itself should be enough to leave Hannity out of the discussion of competing news shows for the 9:00 hour. Don’t believe me? Roger Ailes himself that CNN and MSNBC are not his competition but instead TNT, USA and ESPN. The network itself with its 60% proven false reporting by PunditFact and Forbes, who¬†reports Fox viewers are the least informed news consumers shows that Fox News has major credibility issues themselves, Hannity withstanding. Fox News’ parent company News Corp made headlines in 2013 for its unsavory way of getting news stories doing everything ranging from email and cell phone hacking to elected official bribery. It cost the company over $100 million in legal fees.

This brings us to Rachel Maddow who will essentially be Chris Cuomo’s real competition in the “news” category. Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci said last week on Fox News’ Fox and Friends that she should take a suppository for her Trump Derangement Syndrome. Words like that coming from a former White House official are exactly why she has the position in the news that she does now. Her show held top ratings on election night during the Pennsylvania special election. Her show’s ratings are showing positive signs as she toppled Hannity three nights in a row last week helping to tighten the ratings gap between the two. Maddow is no light weight. Still in her early 40s, she holds a doctorate from Oxford. That’s a far cry from Hannity who brags on air about dropping out of college. For those who don’t like her or her brand of politics, they can blame none other than Fox News’ Tucker Carlson who helped give her her career start with Tucker Carlson for his MSNBC show Tucker back in 2005. For all of her liberal bias, she isn’t the subject of an advertiser revolt based on running with blatantly false information. That is the benefit of a college education. Maybe if Hannity had one he would be able to articulate his point based on facts and still be ideologically true to himself as she is.

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The 9:00 showdown with its latest addition of Chris Cuomo will be commencing at an as yet disclosed date later this spring.

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