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Blac Chyna’s a Red Hot Vixen in Lingerie Prepping for Her Kardashian Legal Battle

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Thursday, 28 Dec 2017 11:44 AM / No Comments

It wasn’t long ago that Blac Chyna was dancing in strip clubs in the south and performing as a Nicki Minaj music video double. Fast forward a few short years and she’s a reality star and feuding with the Kardashians. She recently sued the Kardashians for defamation claiming she caused her reality show to be canceled. While shooting Rob & Chyna, a show about her and her fiancĂ© Rob Kardashian, she ordered a restraining order against him fearing for her safety.


The Kardashians claim she made it impossible to film a show about the relationship between two people when they can’t be around each other… which seems to be common sense but so is the fact a rich person shouldn’t date a stripper and be surprised when they get played. *cough cough* Rob.

Anyway, Blac Chyna says the Kardashians are mocking domestic violence victims, sabotaged the show after the two broke up and that she should not be punished by losing her job for being in an abusive relationship. While I don’t agree with her assessment of the situation, well played Chyna for using feminism to further your gold digging agenda.

While the Kardashian family and Blac Chyna continue trading legal barbs with each other, Blac Chyna just appeared on Instagram looking like quite the vixen in hot red lingerie. If she didn’t have the persona of having a devilish image before, she definitely does now. And after her second high profile relationship since her stripper days, as long as she’s able to look this good in a bra and panties, she won’t have any problem having a rich man on her arm and employed.

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Glitzers, check out Blac Chyna looking red hot in a fire engine red bra and panty set below:


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