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Beverly Hills Housewives Star Yolanda Foster Reveals She’s Dating 2.5 Years After Her Divorce

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Tuesday, 09 Jan 2018 14:07 PM / No Comments

Yolanda Foster is the former Ford model and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills castmember who after a whopping 2.5 years of being single has begun dating again. Her marriage to 16 Grammy award winning musician David Foster ended in 2015 has finally begun dating again. The revelation came during a sit down with Wendy Williams, days before her 54th birthday January 11th where she gushed about the new man in her life… without giving out his name.


“He’s a very private person. He’s a businessman,” she said. “That’s just the way I like it.”

For those wondering how she snagged a new man, she says she created a notebook of all the things she wanted in a man and that is exactly what she got. Amazing because television therapists all over are telling people to cut their ridiculous check lists but apparently thee are exceptions to every rule.

“I made a spiral, a love spiral, about a month ago or two months ago,” she explained. “I wrote exactly what I wanted. After two and a half years being single, you have a lot of time to think, you know? It was like, ‘What do I really want in a man?’ I wrote it exactly down. ‘What are the qualities that I really feel that I need in that other person.’ And he magically appeared. He rang the doorbell at the farm. Here he is!”

Yolanda deserved it considering she came down with Lyme disease during her marriage which contributed to the deterioration of her marriage. She’s previously said that having such a major illness changes both who you are and the caregiver… not to mention she had her breast implants removed as they were making her sick. Friends of the couple have another account of what happened. They say that it was her obsession with fame for herself and her children that really made them call it quits.

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“Yolanda’s obsession with fame for her and her children is the cause of the split,” a source tells PEOPLE. “David didn’t want to be part of the show, but he knew how important it was to her. He wanted to make her happy. ”

Yolanda has had a huge career in the past but one that ended several years ago. Living in the shadows of a wildly successful musician working still nears 70 years old would want anyone to try and work on their career and there is nothing wrong with that.

Either way, we’re wishing Ms. Foster the best of luck with her new man.


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